Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5
Author: Paul S. Wang (王 士 弘)

Picture of Paul S. WangPaul is the author of this and several other computer science books. He is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA.


A Ph.D. and faculty member from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Paul Wang became a Computer Science professor (Kent State University) in 1981. Paul is a leading expert in Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (SAC) and in Web-based Mathematics Education (WME).

He has received over forty research fundings from government and industry, published nine textbooks and many software tools. He received the Ohio Governor's Award for University Faculty Entrepreneurship (2001).

Paul has supervised 12 Ph.D. and over 26 Master-degree students. His main research interests include polynomial algorithms, parallel and distributed SAC, Internet accessible mathematical computation, and enabling technologies for Web-based mathematics education.

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