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Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5

Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5 Textbook Coverby Paul S. Wang (王 士 弘)
Chapman & Hall
CRC Press, Florida, USA
November 21, 2012
ISBN 978-1-4398-7182-9, 664 pages

This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Web programming concepts, principles, standard technologies, HTML5 and its associated APIs. The text helps you master Web development techniques with a well-organized set of topics. Practical examples are used to illustrate and demonstrate how to combine and use what you learn in realistic situations. Hands-on practice is encouraged; it is the only way to gain experience in Web development.


  • A Web overview to get you oriented quickly
  • HTML5 and CSS3 to keep you up-to-date
  • PHP for server-side programming to process forms, access databases, and perform many other tasks
  • JavaScript for client-side programming to control browsers, check form input, provide user interactions, and more
  • DOM for dynamic program manipulation of browser-loaded documents
  • MySQL to store user info, product data, and much more
  • XML and AJAX
  • SVG and MathML in HTML5
  • The LAMP Website hosting environment
  • Mobile websites
  • Hands-on learning with many realistic examples
  • Ready-to-run example code package
  • Companion website with demo examples
  • Instructor resources including lecture notes for all 13 chapters

Check It Out

See the Preface, Table of Contents, and Index, and the ACM Computing Reviews review.

Instructors: see resources for lecture notes.

Download the Example Code Package

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Paul has another textbook An Introduction to Web Design and Programming, coauthored with Sanda Katila, a Visual Communications professor, that combines Web design with programming and can be a great complement to Dynamic Web Programming and HTML5 which is a much more comprehensive Web programming book.

Paul's Mastering Linux received great reviews and can be great for Web programmers working on the Linux environment.